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Webinar: Get More Bankruptcy Clients

Martindale Avvo webinar

We spoke with a panel of attorneys and legal marketing experts during our October webinar and discussed 40 tips and tricks on how to grow your bankruptcy law practice. The panel consisted of  Ann Shaw, founder of The Law Firm of Shaw & Crowson, PA; Adam Casinelli, Legal Marketing Specialist at Martindale-Hubbell; Chelsey Langan, Vice President of Sales and Operations at Martindale-Nolo; and Brett Whitten, Legal Conversion Expert at Ngage Live Chat. Here were some of the key takeaways from the discussion:

Build a Team

No matter your law firm’s size, it’s crucial that you have enough people to allow all aspects of your business to run smoothly. Do you have someone who regularly updates your social media channels? Someone who exclusively handles the lead intake process? What about a team member who makes sure no phone calls slip through the cracks? If you are looking to grow your firm and take on more clients, it’s crucial to prepare for growth. Assemble a team and delegate.

Be Human

Brett Whitten stated that an attorney’s bio page is the second most visited page on a law firm’s website. This presents an opportunity for you to tell prospective clients who you are, beyond your credentials (which, of course, are important). Whitten said, “There’s a subset of people out there who want to have a human connection. They want to know that you’re not some big, bad attorney that they should be afraid of.” Use the bio page to tell people a little bit about yourself, even if it has nothing to do with your education or work experience.

Quality Over Quantity

As a bankruptcy law firm, your website must have quality, up-to-date content with internal links that take site visitors to pages that explain more specific areas of practice. Adam Casinelli noted, “If you have a page for bankruptcy and start talking about Chapter 7 and 13 on it, developing content tied only to Chapter 7 and 13 would be a great example of how to improve website quality and rank higher in Google search results.

Avoid Too Much Legalese

Clients who come to you for help, especially those facing financial hardship, want an attorney who understands and empathizes with what they’re going through. One way of showing that is by using universally understandable terms and avoiding too much legalese, which could make the client feel intimidated. Explain as clearly and concisely as possible what their options are, and it should help you build a stronger relationship with your client.

To watch the full webinar and learn all the tips to help you get more bankruptcy clients, click below.


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