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Understanding the Legal Consumer 2020

How do legal consumers find you, the attorney they want to hire? What tools do they use to research lawyers? How quickly do they make their hiring decisions?

Our report, “Understanding the Legal Consumer,” delves into the state of legal hiring by consumers in 2020. The research, comprising responses from more than 3000 consumers, reveals the nearly 20 hiring decision criteria consumers have on their check list as well as what factors played the most important role in the final decision. A follow on to our “Hiring an Attorney 2019” report, we learn about referrals diminishing role and the growing importance of responsiveness.

Download “Martindale-Avvo’s 2020 Understanding the Legal Consumer” and receive a data-backed look inside the minds of prospective clients – critical information for all consumer-focused law firms looking to better understand their buyers and build their business.

Download the report here

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