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Legal Podcasts: Who Is Doing What?

The popularity of podcasts has only continued to rise over the years, with about 73% of Americans tuning in to at least one show regularly. With over 2 million podcasts worldwide, these talk shows cover all types of topics, from relationships and lifestyle to the business and legal industries.

Given how many legal podcasts are out there, looking for the best of the best can be a daunting task. What’s more, looking for one that covers the subject matter you’re searching for can also be difficult. Whether you’re looking for a podcast that keeps you up to date on the latest legal news, or one that offers advice on growing your practice, there are bound to be a few that tick all of your boxes.

So what are some of the legal podcasts out there talking about, and what are some of the best ones if you’re looking to start listening? Here are a few of note:

  • The Game Changing Attorney Podcast with Michael Mogill — If you’re an attorney looking for insights on how to stand out and push your business forward, this weekly podcast is a great source of insight and information. Industry experts talk about their own experiences, sharing tips and strategies about how you can grow your practice using the same tactics that brought them success.
  • Pro Say by Law360 — This is a weekly podcast that covers what’s happening in the legal world. The hosts, who are legal journalists, bring on a wide range of guests to discuss the latest news. Whether it’s a high-profile case or something relatively overlooked by mainstream media, this podcast is making legal news easy to understand, and entertaining.
  • Lawyer 2 Lawyer — This unique podcast has hosts Robert Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams tackling legal issues from opposing sides. With over 500 episodes, this show has discussed some of the industry’s most controversial legal topics, including the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, and Affirmative Action.
  • Un-Billable Hour — For any attorney looking for a podcast that discusses best practices and how to effectively manage their law firm, this is a good place to start. Chris Anderson, the show’s host, has nearly two decades of experience as an attorney and uses his legal prowess to discuss things such as marketing your firm and getting more clients.

There are thousands more options, and this is by no means an exhaustive list. Podcasts are a great way of exploring all of the facets of the legal industry, and there’s something for everyone. 

Want to start your own podcast? Develop it as part of a bigger legal marketing plan. Check out the article Digital Marketing Trends to Fuel Your Strategy for more ideas and how to get started.

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