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How Martindale-Nolo Delivers Leads

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Need more legal leads? Martindale-Nolo is part of Martindale-Avvo’s family of renowned brands developed to help law firms like yours scale their practice. Martindale-Nolo offers numerous comprehensive marketing solutions to help you reach your target audience more efficiently and increase your firm’s high-quality legal leads.

What Legal Lead Services Does Martindale-Nolo Offer?

When you’re ready to reach more clients, choosing legal lead-generation services that connect you directly to your target audience is critical. Martindale-Nolo offers the following legal lead-generation solutions:

  • Pay-per-lead: Martindale-Nolo’s pay-per-lead services allow you to dictate a monthly budget for our high-quality legal leads. Our pay-per-lead service allows law firms to invest as much or as little as they need to optimize the perfect level of law firm growth. The pay-per-lead program is perfect for large firms with extensive marketing, small law firms with restricted marketing budgets, and those seeking to explore pay-per-lead marketing cautiously for the first time.
  • Legal profiles and directories: Create a powerful, search-engine-optimized (SEO) online presence with your Martindale-Nolo custom profile. Visitors to our sites can find and hire you directly when browsing our directory. We feature this directory on all sites in the Martindale-Nolo network. You can include videos, photos, logos, case history, and resumes. You can also publish unlimited articles that are search engine optimized for increased visibility on our network and the world wide web.
  • TrueScheduler Smart Scheduling Assistant: TrueScheduler makes booking an online appointment with your law firm easy and convenient for prospective clients. Consumers can view your appointment availability and schedule a mutually convenient meeting with a click. Our lead screening feature helps you identify appropriate clients. You have the power to accept, reject, or propose new appointment times. Automatically generated confirmations, reminder emails, and text messages reduce no-shows and strengthen your client connection. Additionally, making it easy for your clients to schedule an appointment discourages them from shopping around with your competitors. 

Choose the lead generation services best suited to your law firm and clientele to boost your marketing and maximize your potential growth. Combine our services for increased lead generation and visibility.

Who Does Martindale-Nolo Help?

Martindale-Nolo helps law firms in the US connect with their primary target market. is one of the most extensive repositories of legal information in the US. It has been a leading authority in the legal industry since 1971.

Martindale-Nolo helps all sizes of law firms, from the largest firms to solo practitioners. Offering leads in more than 50 practice areas – including auto accidents, bankruptcy, child custody, divorce, DUI/DWI, immigration, and many more – Martindale-Nolo can help firms that focus on popular practice areas and niche legal markets. 

If your law firm needs more legal leads, Martindale-Nolo offers customized law firm marketing to help you secure more legal clients.

Martindale-Nolo Helps Legal Clients in These Jurisdictions

Martindale-Nolo’s network includes market-leading consumer sites, such as: 


These sites welcome more than 120,000 potential clients per month who ask to connect with an attorney. Martindale-Nolo sends these legal leads to our pay-per-lead law firms.

How Does Martindale-Nolo Legal Lead Generation Work?

If you’re wondering how Martindale-Nolo manages to secure our high-quality legal leads, the concept is simple:

  1. Potential clients search the web for information related to their legal issues.
  2. More than 25 million potential clients visit the Martindale-Nolo network of high-ranking websites each month.
  3. The clients click on one of Martindale-Nolo’s legal articles that takes them to one of our informative sites.
  4. The potential clients read the article and decide they need legal assistance.
  5. They fill out a practice-specific form to request an attorney’s guidance — this form includes the client’s name, phone number, email address, and case details.
  6. Once the form is submitted, Martindale-Nolo immediately delivers the lead based on your location and chosen practice areas.
  7. Your lead arrives in real-time with clear case and contact details, ready for you to follow up with them.

Lead generation with Martindale-Nolo is that simple. With our free leads manager app, you can manage your leads across various devices and respond to leads in real-time, so you never miss another opportunity.

Get more clients the faster, smarter way with Martindale-Nolo’s lead generation program for lawyers.

When Is the Right Time to Choose Martindale-Nolo?

When your law firm is ready to scale, it’s time to collaborate with Martindale-Nolo. 

If you have been sinking money into marketing schemes that fail to fulfill their promises, consider choosing a time-proven and effective legal lead generation service. Martindale-Nolo helps make law firm marketing simple, streamlined, and cost-efficient.

Be part of the biggest legal marketing network in the US and access over 120,000 clients monthly. 

The right time to choose Martindale-Nolo differs for each firm we work with. Some contact us as they’re setting up their firm. Other law firms have been operating for decades before reaching out to us for help. 

Read our case study of The Law Offices of Ryan F. Beach PLLC, and discover how Martindale-Nolo helped this new solo practitioner fulfill his legal lead needs while adhering to an affordable budget.

Why Choose Martindale-Nolo to Grow Your Law Firm

Martindale-Nolo is the smarter way to generate new clients and legal leads for your practice.

Highlights of using Martindale-Nolo include:

  • Increased visibility through the largest online legal network in the US.
  • Immediate access to leads in 50+ practice areas, including personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, and divorce.
  • List your law firm on the Martindale-Nolo legal network for increased exposure.
  • Access to the TrueScheduler Smart Scheduling Assistant allows your potential clients to book a meeting with you while syncing with your Gmail or Outlook calendars.
  • Access to more than 120,000 clients per month.
  • Comprehensive solutions for every budget.
  • No long-term contracts.

If you’re an attorney interested in joining Nolo, let’s connect today.

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