Ellie Diamond

Ellie is a freelance writer with experience in digital marketing, content marketing, and personal finance. She has been writing full-time since 2011.

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How to Effectively Address Client Reviews

When people search for attorneys, they pay attention to what other clients have to say about their experiences. According to our research, 80% of legal consumers find reviews important or very important when choosing an attorney.  Reminding people to leave reviews of your practice is an important part of your marketing strategy, but so is…Read More

How to Write SEO-Friendly Content

Search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing go hand-in-hand. Blog posts and other custom content can generate up to three times as many leads as other forms of marketing, and content costs 62 percent less. For content to drive traffic, though, it has to rank highly in search results and target your audience. Search engine…Read More

How to Write an Email that Converts

Email marketing is an important part of building relationships with clients. It’s the most popular marketing channel across all firm sizes, according to the American Bar Association. Approximately 40% of all attorneys engaged in marketing are using email. Because email has a median ROI of 122%, it makes for a stronger investment than social media…Read More

Client Referrals – An Untapped Opportunity

Think about how your clients come to you. What percentage of your clients find you through your blog? Your website? Your TV or radio ads? However many clients those channels generate, it’s probably not nearly as many as referrals from other people who have worked with you. According to attorney service organization Above the Law,…Read More

The Martindale-Avvo 2019 Attorney Compensation Survey

The second annual Martindale-Avvo Attorney Compensation Survey Report is now available. The 2019 Report includes information from 7,800 attorneys in solo practice and at small firms across the country. They were recruited from an online survey and responded throughout the first quarter of the year.  As we did in 2018, we’ve chosen to focus on…Read More

Online Marketing for Attorneys – Where to Start

Referrals still drive growth for law firms across the country, but there’s an element to the process that might not be on your radar – online marketing. Online Reviews Matter Across almost all industries, 86 percent of customers read online reviews before they patronize a business. And it can get personal – nearly half of…Read More

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