Attorneys’ Top Five Lead Follow Up Mistakes

Your firm’s growth starts with turning consumers into active clients. Check yourself to see if you’re tripping up on any of these five common mistakes and correct them to increase your new client flow.
Not following up immediately
A lead’s shelf life is short, with a 10x decrease after just 5 minutes in your ability to reach and turn the lead into a client.
Call Now!
Fear of over communication
The prospect contacted you so they want to hear back. Make at least 6 attempts to reach your lead.
Try, try again.
Relying just on phone calls and voicemails
Your prospects use all methods to contact you – email, phone, chat, text. Return the favor and increase your likelihood of connecting with them.
Variety leads to success.
Following up at the same time each day
The odds of you being free at the same time each day are slim to none; likewise for your prospects. Improve your chances of connection by varying when you reach out.
Be Flexible.
No analytics
To understand your firm’s sweet spot for how, when and how frequently to follow-up to ensure success, you need to track and measure what you’re doing.
Let numbers be your guide.