Tamar Chalker

Tamar Chalker holds a BA from Kenyon College and a JD from Case Western Reserve University. After graduating from Case, she was sworn into the Connecticut Bar. Over the past ten years she has worked for a domestic violence nonprofit and in private general practice. Tamar also worked at the Vermont Statehouse on the Tropical Storm Irene Property Law Task Force, helping deal with the fallout of the storm’s destruction, while trying to prepare for future flooding problems. Writing has always been Tamar’s favorite part of any of her academic pursuits and legal career, however, her first passion was baseball. She has written about the New York Yankees for the past ten years, appearing on ESPN.com and the radio.

Recent Articles

Legal Technology: What You Need to Improve Lead Intake

As attorneys’ careers progress, they can find themselves stuck in their old ways. Processes, tools, and rules of thumb that have served them well mask inefficiencies and lost opportunities.  These attorneys may swear by strategies that are outdated and refuse to consider new approaches. It can be difficult adjusting to new technologies, or trying untested…Read More

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