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Getting Started with Martindale-Avvo’s ProVantage

Congrats! You’re now harnessing the power of ProVantage, a service that gives you exponential reach across four of the largest legal directories – Martindale, Avvo,, and Nolo – setting you up for maximum success in the legal landscape.

With the new Connect Experience and ProVantage, you’ll have access to the new myM•A portal

Logging into myM·A

Accessing the myM·A portal is your first step in managing and updating your profiles. This central hub allows you to control your information across multiple platforms, ensuring consistency and ease of updates. You can also view your firm’s performance at-a-glance in your myM·A portal, on demand.

Watch the video on how to log into myM·A

Profile Setup Steps

Uploading a Photo

A professional photo on your Martindale and Avvo profiles significantly enhances your online presence. It humanizes your profile, making you more relatable to potential clients. A clear and professional image builds trust and can be the deciding factor for someone choosing you over a competitor.

Watch the video on how to upload a photo on and Martindale
Watch the video on how to upload a photo in Avvo

Uploading a Bio (Firm and Attorney)

Your bio is your opportunity to showcase your expertise, experience, and unique value proposition. A well-crafted bio on Martindale and Avvo profiles provides prospective clients with a compelling narrative about your professional journey and accomplishments. This personal touch can differentiate you from other attorneys and make a memorable impression.

Watch the video on how to upload a bio on and Martindale
Watch the video on how to upload a bio in Avvo

Adding Practice Areas

Listing your practice areas clearly informs potential clients about your specialties. It helps in search engine optimization (SEO), making your profile more likely to appear in relevant searches. By specifying your practice areas, you attract clients who need your specific services, thereby increasing the likelihood of generating qualified leads.

Watch the video on how to add practice areas on and Martindale
Watch the video on how to add practice areas in Avvo

Updating Contact Information

Accurate contact information is crucial for prospective clients to reach you. Ensuring that your phone number, email, and website are up-to-date across Martindale and Avvo profiles helps in seamless communication. It also enhances your professionalism and reliability, making it easier for clients to trust and contact you.

Watch the video on how to update your Avvo contact information
Watch the video on how to update contact information on and Martindale profiles

By following these steps and optimizing your profiles, you can enhance your visibility, attract more clients, and grow your business effectively. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager.

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