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Google Ads Certified PPC Team

Your law firm’s online presence is critical for lead generation, so being number one on Google isn’t a plus, it’s a means of survival. Whether your firm is ranking high in the organic results and looking for more opportunities for exposure, exploring a way to boost your online leads as you build your presence through SEO or your firm just wants to dominate the SERPs, PPC is a must for your firm.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a paid advertising program offered by the major search engines like Google and directories like Facebook where you bid on relevant keywords to display your firm’s ads in top spots on their site. Although there is a strategy and cost associated with obtaining top placements, you are paying only when someone clicks to view your ad. Successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns increase your visibility, rev up clicks to your website and generate targeted new leads.

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Benefits of our PPC program

  • Top results on Google

    Place on the first page of Google for all of your firm’s service areas, even outside of your city!

  • Strong analytics

    We use the best data available to ensure we target the right customers at the right time.

  • Google Ads Certified

    Your Google Ads Certified PPC specialist regularly monitors and adjusts your campaigns’ bidding strategy to achieve the best results.

  • Track your ROI

    With a predetermined budget recommended by our PPC team, you can track dollars spent on each lead to confirm your ROI.

PPC Solutions to meet your firm’s needs

An integrated approach

An integrated approach

As Google Partners, we will customize a program that can be combined with SEO to boost the return on your investment.  Where SEO may limit you, PPC can step in and allow your firm to display on the first page of Google for geographic areas beyond your office location. As part of a Martindale-Avvo’s PPC program we will:

  • Leverage microsites targeting your practice area and service areas on landing pages with layouts, images and ad copy that are designed to foster conversion
  • Run law firm and attorney branded keyword campaigns as well as practice area and location-based campaigns
  • Monitor your prospects’ search behaviors to maximize your bids
  • Track your quality scores daily to adjust your campaigns and landing pages to improve optimization
Maximize PPC spend

Maximizing your PPC spend

PPC is ideal for those clients who are looking to commit to spending what it takes to appear on the top of Google. By increasing traffic to your site, you increase the probability of converting searchers into clients. Our Google Ads certified specialists understand what prospects are looking for and how to maximize your investment. To help accomplish this our PPC Specialists look to:

  • Remarket by serving follow-up ads to previous users and send them to your main website to provide additional details to help them make a more informed decision to contact you
  • Strategize keywords and analytics across your SEO and PPC campaigns to maintain a comprehensive approach to your search strategy
  • Set appropriate max bids and daily limits, so that your CPC (Cost-Per-Click) is aligned with your budget
paid search success

Showcasing paid search success

A successful PPC campaign will help drive potential clients to your firm’s website and maximize your ROI. To ensure we are on the path to success, your PPC specialist will seek to do the following:

  • Implement tracking through dynamic call tracking numbers and code on your website to track your clicks, chats and emails
  • Share custom reporting to share your results on clicks, CPC, conversions including calls, emails and chats
  • Provide dedicated support for your PPC questions by our Google Ads Certified specialists

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