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Never miss out on a potential client

Law firm profits start with intake

Legal consumers contact an average of three attorneys before deciding who to hire. When their calls go unanswered, they simply move on to the next firm. Intake Conversion Experts (ICE) makes certain that your firm never misses a prospect’s or current client’s call. We answer on your behalf and then take the appropriate action for your firm. We qualify and nurture prospects until we can hand you a retained client.

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Lead qualification and sign-up on your terms

  • 24/7/365

    Never miss another call or lead at any time, any day, under any circumstances

  • Habla espanol

    Bilingual specialists enable callers to communicate in their own language

  • Polite, persistent follow-up

    Each lead receives personal attention and repeated follow-up

  • Fully customized

    Operators act as an extension to your law firm

Retain more leads

Here’s how ICE grows your firm

Every lead requires an appropriate response in a timely manner. This includes inbound phone calls, web leads, emails and chats. When your firm is closed for the day, or you’re facing a surge in leads, it can be easy for many law firms to drop the ball on responding. That’s when ICE steps in.

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100% legal

Attorney-founded and led, we only handle calls for law firms. This guarantees that prospects contacting your firm will be handled professionally and qualified properly. Our intake specialists will have a thorough knowledge of the types of clients and claims you are seeking and can answer questions that turn leads into clients.

Pay only for cases we deliver to you

Our dedication to serving our clients translates into our fees. We don’t charge for talk time and there’s no cost per lead. You pay only when we retain a qualified client, using your criteria, for you.

Mass tort and personal injury specialists

When an injured claimant contacts your firm, they want to speak with someone now and get answers. Our intake team responds quickly and with empathy, all while promoting your firm to them. We make every effort to qualify and convert claimants on the first call, before they go elsewhere. ICE plays a critical role in securing quality clients for your firm.

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