Social media to brand and grow your practice

Provided with the ABA Young Lawyers Division

Join a panel of marketing and legal experts as they discuss using social media to brand yourself or your practice and generate new business. Our earlier webinar, “Building the Case for Blogging,”¬†explained how to generate the perfect blog article. Now learn what it takes to fully leverage your blog, videos and other content to establish a social media presence and optimize reach across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other channels to drive traffic and leads to your site. Leverage social media tools for networking and client development.¬†

Topics Include:

  • Personal vs. professional presence and branding
  • Top 3 social media channels (and more) for law firms
  • Staying engaged on social media
  • Key services for networking and client development
  • The Social Media Guide (free to all registrants)


  • Gyi Tsakalakis, Founder – AttorneySync & EPL Digital Licensed Michicagn attorney
  • David Macaulay, Marketing Director – Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
  • Dori Eldridge, Social Media Manager – Martindale-Hubbell
  • Chelsey Langan, VP of Sales, Martindale-Nolo
  • Madeleine Xavier, Marketing Director, Martindale-Nolo

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