Calling all lawyers: Building the case for blogging to grow your business

September 15, 2016

Blogging! Who has time? And who reads that stuff, anyway? 

Prospective clients do. In its 2015 Legal Technology Survey, the ABA reported that an average of 40% of lawyers who blog for professional purposes received clients as a result. Not only do blogs attract clients, they also build trust and authority and help increase your website’s search results ranking. Blogging is an inexpensive but mighty marketing tool. 

Listen to this interactive webinar on blogging made easy.   Experienced bloggers Robert Feinberg, a personal injury lawyer, and Timothy Lynch, a trial lawyer, share their learnings on how to be a blogging success.  They are joined by Ben McHugh, social media specialist and Andy Simpson, SEO specialist, who will share their tricks of the trade.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• The benefits of blogging
• How to write a blog post – Where do you get the ideas?
• How to promote your blog post
• 7 SEO best practices for your blog
• Legal considerations when blogging


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