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    Get More Bankruptcy Clients

    October 24, 2018

    In just 40 minutes, a panel of attorneys and law firm marketing experts will share with you 40 practical ways to get more clients. Learn proven tactics on how to be found by prospects, turn them into leads and convert them into satisfied clients.



    • Ann Shaw, founder, The Law Firm of Shaw & Crowson, PA
    • Adam Casanelli, Legal Marketing Specialist, Martindale-Hubbell
    • Chelsey Langan, Vice President of Sales and Operations, Martindale-Nolo
    • Brett Whitten, Legal Conversion Expert, Ngage Live Chat

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    The Positive Impact of Negative Reviews

    September 26, 2018

    We all know that good reviews are good for business. So, it’s only natural for attorneys to fear any negative reviews. But what if negative reviews weren't always so bad? Research tells us that 82% of consumers seek out negative reviews. View our webinar with a panel of experts discussing how these reviews can actually help bring potential clients to your practice. They discuss the research, walk through real-world examples, and offer solutions for appropriate responses to the reviews you receive. Responding to bad reviews doesn’t have to be complicated. Review best practices for crafting a reply.


    • Adriane Museneggi, Group Product Manager, Avvo
    • Patrick Palace, Owner, and Attorney, Palace Law Firm
    • Esther Sirotnik, Corporate Counsel, Avvo
    • Brian Veeder, Product Manager, Ratings & Reviews, Martindale-Hubbell


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    How to Make the Most of Your Business Development Time

    A panel of practicing attorneys and business development and marketing professionals share their proven strategies for turning limited time into maximum new clients as well as for finding more business development time in the day.

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    Getting Started with Live Chat

    Live chat helps you connect with the 40% of prospects who contact businesses after hours. Don't miss out on any more leads. Learn more about live chat.

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    SEO for Lawyers Simplified: 7 steps you can take yourself

    Being found online drives a law firm’s growth. Visibility equals website visits equals potential clients. So how does a firm get to page one of Google? Learn from our panel of legal SEO professionals as they detail the top seven steps a firm can take on its own to increase its website’s visibility.

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    2 key growth strategies for solos and small law firms

    Presented October 12, 2017 | 1 p.m. ET

    There are two important ways to grow your practice: Expanding into complementary practice areas or new locations. In this webinar, you will learn which strategy makes sense for you and walk away with proven tactics to ensure the successful growth of your practice.


    • Lazaro Carvajal, Esq., Founder, Lazaro Carvajal Law Firm
    • Ava L. Zelenetsky, Esq., Founder, Zelenetsky & Associates, P.C.
    • Daniel Alonso, Sales Manager, Martindale Legal Marketing Network
    • John Ferrughelli, SEO Specialist, Martindale Legal Marketing Network

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    How successful attorneys win more clients

    Webinar brought to you by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Martindale Legal Marketing Network

    Learn more about best practices, new technology and intake resources that have helped attorneys win more clients.

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    Optimizing your online reputation and credibility

    Offered by ALM American Lawyer and Martindale-Nolo Legal Marketing Network

    The foundation of your legal practice rests on your reputation and the trust that it generates. This complimentary webcast will discuss how to assess and enhance your online identity and reputation, and how to position yourself the way you want to be perceived.

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    Best practices for winning more clients

    Provided with the ABA Young Lawyers Division

    You've worked hard to obtain client leads and referrals for your law firm. Now what do you do? Learn from our panel of online marketing and legal professionals as they share best practices, new technology and intake resources that have helped attorneys win more clients.

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    Using social media to grow your law firm

    Can social media be used by lawyers to generate business and build their practice? In this FREE Webinar, learn from our panel of social media, legal marketing experts, and lawyers on what it takes to fully leverage your social media presence.

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    Social media to brand and grow your practice

    Provided with the ABA Law Practice Division

    Join a panel of marketing and legal experts as they discuss using social media to brand yourself or your practice and generate new business. Our earlier webinar, "Building the Case for Blogging," explained how to generate the perfect blog article. Now learn what it takes to fully leverage your blog, videos and other content to establish a social media presence and optimize reach across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other channels to drive traffic and leads to your site. Leverage social media tools for networking and client development.

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    Calling all lawyers: Building the case for blogging to grow your business

    September 15, 2016

    Blogging! Who has time? And who reads that stuff, anyway? Prospective clients do. In its 2015 Legal Technology Survey, the ABA reported that an average of 40% of lawyers who blog for professional purposes received clients as a result. Not only do blogs attract clients, they also build trust and authority and help increase your website’s search results ranking. In an interactive webinar on blogging made easy, experienced bloggers and attorneys Robert Feinberg and Timothy Lynch, shared with us their secrets for success.

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    You’ve got 10 seconds: How to grab website visitors so they stay, read, and convert

    June 9, 2016, 1:00 PM EDT; 10:00 AM PDT

    When people with a legal issue arrive at your website, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention and convince them that they’ve come to the right place. Once you’ve jumped that hurdle, you need to show them why they should hire you. Learn how to create content that connects with the clients you want.

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    Top 3 online marketing strategies for new lawyers

    Sponsored with the ABA Young Lawyers Division

    Over 76% of consumers look for attorneys online today. Learn from a panel of experts and successful attorneys about the top 3 online marketing strategies all attorneys should know – especially those who have recently launched their firm or are considering doing so. Hear real-life attorney tactics that reveal practical solutions for generating new clients and growing your practice. Plus get a sneak peak at results from the 2016 State of Online Marketing survey of 300+ Martindale-Nolo clients.

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    They’re not just for restaurants and razors: Why lawyers need online reviews and how to get them

    Online reviews have never been more critical in winning new clients. More than 80% of consumers check lawyer reviews as their first step in finding an attorney; a whopping 70% even said they would travel to an inconvenient part of town to hire an attorney who had better online reviews. Learn from legal industry experts on how to use online reviews to differentiate yourself from competitors and grow your practice.

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    Proven website strategies to attract the right client

    Offered by ALM American Lawyer and Martindale-Nolo Legal Marketing Network

    Your law firm website is generating traffic, so why aren’t you getting the clients you want? The Martindale-Nolo Legal Marketing Network joins Bryan Salamone & Associates and Joffe Law to discuss strategies for defining, attracting and engaging your target audience to bring the right clients in the door.

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    Best intake practices for retaining more clients

    provided with the ABA Law Practice Division

    You've worked hard to obtain client leads and referrals for your law firm. Now what do you do? Learn from our panel of online legal, marketing and attorney experts on best practices, new technology and intake resources that make a huge difference in retaining clients.

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    Online Marketing for the Savvy Attorney

    Sponsored with ALM's The American Lawyer

    The latest in online marketing for Attorneys & Legal Professionals, serious about growing their business.

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