Answering Services

Every call to your firm answered

Make a good – and lasting – first impression

Prospects and clients expect to be able to reach the firm quickly. Your responsiveness has an impact on who prospects hire, and your clients want attorneys that are always there for them. Our attorney-trained team ensures every caller receives an empathetic, professional response, during which time we also determine each call’s importance and priority and direct it appropriately.

Never miss a call

An irreplaceable extension of your firm

  • Always available

    Every call answered any time of day or night, capturing leads and reassuring clients

  • 100% legal

    We only work with law firms, so we speak your language and that of your callers

  • Your firm, your message

    Every call answered with a brand message and tone consistent with your firm

  • Bilingual specialists

    Non-English speaking callers greeted by a bilingual team member

Satisfy clients and potential clients

Built for law firms

Intake Conversion Expert’s (ICE) answering services have been designed around a precise formula to maximize lead retention and client satisfaction for your law firm. From the first phone call, this winning combination ensures that a client’s lasting impression of your law firm is one of confidence in your ability to represent them.

Make a mark with your responsiveness

We customize our answering services to fit your firm’s specific needs. We can serve as an extension of your firm by handling all of your inbound calls, or you can tap us to answer any combination of overflow, missed or other calls, all the time or only during specified times.

Technology and transparency: Making it personal

By using state of the art intake software, our specialists access your firm’s specific questions and retention criteria to ask the prospect your customized qualification questions. Automation technology routes your leads to your firm, removing any chance of error. Our software integrates seamlessly with the industry-leading intake and case management system, flowing callers’ information directly to your firm.

You will receive comprehensive reports covering all calls and metrics.

Additional outbound services drive firm growth

On the spot scheduling

Eliminate phone tag with clients, and stop potential clients from shopping around, when we schedule an appointment with your caller for you. We act as an “admin” on your calendar, scheduling the appointment at an available time based on parameters you’ve given us. This service is included in our offering; there is no additional fee.

Lead qualification

Save time when you stop chasing down potential leads and let us do it for you. We follow up on all of a law firm’s electronic leads – email, chat, web forms – and qualify them based on its specific intake parameters. We transfer only those that are a good fit for follow-up. We draw on our extensive experience qualifying and retaining over 100,000 cases for law firms to make sure only the right leads come to your attention, and you pay only for qualified leads.