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How to Practice Effective Listening

For attorneys, engaging in effective listening can help them gather crucial information and data about their clients or cases. And for clients or prospective clients, feeling heard and understood creates a positive relationship between them and their attorney. We spoke with Sandra Bodin-Lerner, VP International Listening Association and a communication professor and public speaking and…Read More

Avvo Protest Injustice Resources Page

Quality legal support is more important than ever. As protests persist across the country, individuals have been subjected to unlawful detention, use of excessive force, and physical harm. Many protestors are unaware of their rights and avenues of recourse, such as the right to pro bono legal services, if they are mistreated during a protest. …Read More

Lawyernomics Online is Relaunching On June 24

Avvo Lawyernomics, a principal legal technology conference, and forum sought to provide attorneys with the latest solutions to help them grow their business. The forum created a community where attorneys and legal technologists could learn from each other. We’re pleased to announce that Martindale-Avvo is relaunchingLawyernomics and taking it completely digital. Lawyernomics ® Online will…Read More

How Live Chat Helps You Beat the Competition

The internet can provide fast and easy answers to searches ranging from mundane to complicated. Whether you’re looking for your bank’s routing number or you want to know the business hours of a store you’re planning to visit – you can find it online. But sometimes consumers want to talk to a real person.  Prospective…Read More

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