Mark Shepherd

Mark Shepherd is currently the President of Ngage Live Chat, and has been with the company for 9 years. He has an MBA in marketing and 10+ years of experience in the legal digital marketing field.

Recent Articles

The Four Buying Habits Series: The Humanistic Buyer

When marketing your law firm, it is essential to consider the decision-making process people engage in when it comes to hiring an attorney. People typically demonstrate four main buying habits when making a purchase or hiring a professional service provider. By identifying those patterns and tailoring your marketing efforts toward them, you can make sure…Read More

The Four Buying Habits Series: The Spontaneous Buyer

When making a purchase or seeking professional services, individuals can be reliably categorized into one of four groups that describe their “buying habits.” These buying habits dictate the way in which the person makes decisions (logically or emotionally) and the speed at which they commit to a major purchase that will impact their lives. The…Read More

The Four Buying Habits Series: The Competitive Buyer

Current studies of the buying habits of individuals, whether in brick-and-mortar stores or online, reveal that most individuals fall into one of four main categories: competitive, spontaneous, methodical, and humanistic. Upon closer inspection of the four buying habits, you will identify certain characteristics that will allow you to increase client contacts and drive calls, live…Read More

Why Lead Response Time Matters

Originally Published December 11th, 2018 You’ve taken the step to build a next-generation practice – investing in a digital marketing strategy of a quality website and digital advertising to grow your business. And you have employed live chat, allowing your potential clients a low-pressure way to make contact while sharing some information about themselves. While live…Read More

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