Kelly Newcomb

Kelly Newcomb is currently a Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President with Martindale-Avvo, and has been with the company for 14 years. Overall, she has 25+ years of experience in the digital marketing field.

Recent Articles

Understanding the Legal Consumer 2020

How do legal consumers find you, the attorney they want to hire? What tools do they use to research lawyers? How quickly do they make their hiring decisions? Our report, “Understanding the Legal Consumer,” delves into the state of legal hiring by consumers in 2020. The research, comprising responses from more than 3000 consumers, reveals…Read More

Speed Matters: Improving Client Intake with Technology

In an upcoming 2019 Martindale-Avvo research report, consumers ranked nearly a dozen reasons why they bypassed one attorney for another.  Response speed topped the list of hiring red flags. Research by Captorra, the industry leader in case-intake software for consumer-focused firms, reinforces this fact: If you contact a prospect within the first five minutes of…Read More

Driving Traffic to Your Law Firm Website

There are four significant ways to drive traffic to your website:  Quality content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, and web analytics. Create Quality Content Just creating content isn’t enough. Your site must have top quality content to drive more traffic to your website. If your content is clean, organized, and easy to read, your…Read More

Does Your Online Biography Have What It Takes?

Potential clients shop around. They review a number of attorneys, even when they’ve been referred by a friend.  Does your online profile have what it takes to convince a prospect to contact you? Anatomy of a robust online biography In order to convert viewers into clients, you need to make clear not only that you…Read More

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