Don Romanek

Hands-on Digital Project Consultant who thrives on shepherding projects from concept through implementation with a demonstrated history of accomplishments in retirement services, financial services, software development, print and digital marketing

Recent Articles

8 Ways to Build Prominence That Google Loves!

Google has made it clear that they will give preference in their search results to businesses that demonstrate prominence. They define this as “how well known a business is” and indicate that this is measured based on information Google has about a business from across the web.  Their goal is to provide the best results…Read More

7 Ways to Reassure Clients During COVID-19

With COVID-19, there is a lot of uncertainty. People are focused on the health and safety of their family, friends and themselves. When you add to that the rocky financial markets and job outlook, it is easy to understand why your phone is not ringing off the hook. But, there are also new legal trends…Read More

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