Celia Colista

Celia Colista is a writer and editor who comes from a family of lawyers. Originally from Detroit and a former resident of Chicago and Brooklyn, she currently lives in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Recent Articles

Consumer Behavior During a Pandemic

This article focuses on the consumer data referenced in our research report: 7 Best Practices for Attorneys Adapting to COVID-19. How are clients and those looking to hire an attorney behaving since the COVID-19 pandemic?  In late April and early May, we surveyed approximately 2,400 visitors to several Nolo network sites, including  AllLaw.com, CriminalDefenseLawyer.com, DrivingLaws.org,…Read More

How Attorneys Are Coping in the Pandemic

Martindale-Avvo surveyed attorneys to gain insight into how they are managing during the COVID-19 pandemic. As states begin reopening, attorneys are adapting to the new reality, complete with safety protocols, shifting practice areas, and declining revenues. These are the main takeaways.  Revenues Are Down for Most  In the survey, we asked 210 of you about…Read More

How to Leverage Social Media During a Crisis

Whether your law practice is a social media success story or your firm doesn’t even have its own Facebook page, now is the time to up your social media game. Keeping in touch with clients and maintaining a strong online presence can help your practice survive during a crisis and tee it up for future…Read More

How to Use Google to Improve Your SEO

Most law firm websites have room for SEO improvement. Just updating your site with simple changes using basic tools can improve your Google rankings, which is how many (if not most) clients discover your practice.  If your casework has slowed over the last few weeks, consider using the downtime to retool your website. One worthy…Read More

How to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

If things are a little slow at the moment, updating your law firm’s social media profiles can be a great way to stay productive and attract new clients. You can make simple profile optimizations for an easy project to scratch off your list quickly. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, you can make it a deep-dive…Read More

How You Can Network from Home

Whether you have some newfound free time during quarantine or are simply feeling the anxiety of what the future holds for your practice, now is no time to stop networking. Even working remotely, you can still expand your professional network and keep up with colleagues. Traditionally, networking has meant attending conferences, taking CLE courses, and,…Read More

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