Celia Colista

Celia Colista is a writer and editor who comes from a family of lawyers. Originally from Detroit and a former resident of Chicago and Brooklyn, she currently lives in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Recent Articles

Five Ways to Make Clients Love Your Practice

Clients want talented, experienced lawyers who attain the best results possible, right? But as human beings, our experiences affect how we judge a service and its provider—regardless of the end result. Even if a cavity gets filled, you still may give your dentist a bad review if you had to sit in her waiting room…Read More

Legal Technology: Where Should Your Dollars Go?

Many lawyers, especially solo practitioners and those in small firms, try to do everything themselves. That mentality can lead to costly inefficiencies. As we head into the 2020s, what are the tech solutions that lawyers should consider? We asked a handful of tech leaders who know the problems law practices are trying to solve with…Read More

What’s Positive About Negative Reviews?

Seeing negative reviews about your firm on social media or a professional site can be stressful and demoralizing. But if you start looking for an opportunity in them, you may find more benefit than their critical contents would have you believe. Balance and Authenticity Brian Veeder, Martindale-Hubbell Product Manager–Attorney Experience, has heard from many lawyers…Read More

How Do Clients Research and Find Their Attorneys?

In the recent report, Hiring an Attorney 2019, Martindale-Avvo examined a number of factors about how legal consumers behave when it comes time to hire a lawyer. One of those factors includes what resources clients use to conduct research. While many start with referrals from friends and family to find an attorney, an equal number…Read More

Your Clients Shopped Around Before Hiring You

When prospective clients contact you, you probably don’t think much about how they decided to hire you. Even if their path to your practice seemed like a straight line — perhaps the result of a client referral — their consumer journey likely took a few detours before reaching your door. In a recent Martindale-Avvo study,…Read More

Speed Is Key When Responding To Inquiries

Consumer expectations have changed. Before the internet and smart phones, law offices were simpler places where a receptionist answered calls from prospective clients and lawyers and assistants called them back. But with technology accelerating the pace of just about everything, consumers want immediate satisfaction in the form of responses to their inquiries. So how long…Read More

Why Live Chat Is Here to Stay

Once the province of retail customers who would rather type a request rather than wait on hold for 15 minutes, live chat is now a ubiquitous online tool across industries that is quickly becoming a preferred means of communication by consumers. According to a recent Forbes article, “Emerging Trends in Customer Communication Preferences,” the numbers…Read More

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