Celia Colista

Celia Colista is a writer and editor who comes from a family of lawyers. Originally from Detroit and a former resident of Chicago and Brooklyn, she currently lives in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Recent Articles

Ways to Improve Your Firm’s Facebook Page

With 2.38 billion active monthly users,  Facebook offers a valuable platform to market your law practice and interact with potential clients. Just as the sheer amount of user data that Facebook collects gives businesses — law practices included — the ability to effectively pinpoint a target market, it also helps consumers to quickly locate local…Read More

Is Your Firm Review-Phobic?

If your firm is already managing your online reputation by cultivating positive reviews on multiple platforms and responding (nicely) to negative ones, your firm is probably not among the more than a third of small business owners who don’t think they matter. But if you have been avoiding reviews or afraid of receiving negative ones,…Read More

How Well Does Your Firm Describe Itself Online?

Whether your firm has an established website or you are just beginning to build one, how you present your firm online will determine whether prospective clients find you. Generic website and social media content puts your firm’s name on the internet, but that presence doesn’t guarantee that anyone will see it. Your goal is to…Read More

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