Caitlyn Siehl

Caitlyn Siehl is an editor at Martindale-Hubbell and works with a team of freelance writers to deliver website content to firms throughout the country. She currently lives in Edison, New Jersey.

Recent Articles

Legal Podcasts: Who Is Doing What?

The popularity of podcasts has only continued to rise over the years, with about 73% of Americans tuning in to at least one show regularly. With over 2 million podcasts worldwide, these talk shows cover all types of topics, from relationships and lifestyle to the business and legal industries. Given how many legal podcasts are…Read More

Webinar: Get More Bankruptcy Clients

We spoke with a panel of attorneys and legal marketing experts during our October webinar and discussed 40 tips and tricks on how to grow your bankruptcy law practice. The panel consisted of  Ann Shaw, founder of The Law Firm of Shaw & Crowson, PA; Adam Casinelli, Legal Marketing Specialist at Martindale-Hubbell; Chelsey Langan, Vice…Read More

Webinar: Future-Proofing for Small Law Firms

As a law firm, being able to adapt to change is crucial. Never has this statement been more true than during these uncertain times. Our June 2nd panel, presented by Atlanta-based trial attorney Erin Gerstenzang, discussed some tips and tricks on how to prepare your firm and help it to survive through future disruptions. While…Read More

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