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Improve your practice: Think Like a Client

The Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS) partnered with Avvo to analyze 2,232 reviews from registered Avvo consumers to determine what clients want from their attorneys. The resulting 32-page report, Think Like a Client published today, gives attorneys a thorough understanding of what clients want and expect from them. The report,…Read More

Sink or swim: How to adapt to the new legal consumer [download]

There is no denying that significant changes are occurring on the legal landscape. From online review sites and forums to on-demand Q&A and instant chat, the digital revolution has taken legal by storm. Attorneys that haven’t figured out how to adapt to the changing demands of consumers are being left in the dust. The whitepaper Sink or swim: How to adapt to the New Legal Consumer takes a deeper look at the behaviors that drive the New Legal Consumer.

The surprising benefit of negative reviews

Positive online reviews are good for business, so it’s only natural attorneys try to avoid negative ones. But what if negative reviews weren’t always so bad? What if their presence could bring an air of authenticity to your online reputation and ultimately drive more clients to your practice? As it turns out, they can. The…Read More

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