Adam Silver

Adam Silver is the principal analyst on the Avvo advanced analytics team. He works on all things data related but is currently focusing on predictive analytics.

Recent Articles

Will COVID-19 Lead to More Divorces?

As parts of the country start to emerge from lockdown, it is important to consider the impact of stay at home orders on relationships and marriages. Following the COVID-19 epidemic’s peak in China, some cities had a surge in divorce filings. The city of Miluo in the Hunan province reported that the staff “has no…Read More

Criminal Defense After COVID-19

With courts closed and people staying at home to combat the COVID-19 epidemic, criminal activity has fallen far below normal levels. In most cities, people are not committing crimes, and are therefore not researching or contacting lawyers. Across criminal defense, traffic on Nolo consumer legal resources has fallen significantly. Criminal defense, however, is a wide…Read More

Recovery from COVID-19 in the Legal Industry

COVID related practice areas remain elevated, but interest is subsiding. Unemployment Demand for unemployment legal resources correlated closely with lockdowns caused by COVID-19, so unemployment has become a primary traffic driver across Traffic levels at the beginning of March were already elevated, but pageviews shot up 2000% as the pandemic lockdowns reached their peak….Read More

Legal Opportunities Arising from COVID-19

COVID-19 has upended daily life across the U.S. While this tumult has created uncertainty and fear, it also opens up new opportunities. Unemployment has become a focal point of the legal industry in this pandemic, but the unique conditions have created needs in other areas, including estate planning and tenant laws. Increasing Opportunities in Estate…Read More

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