Year: 2019

free time

Everybody Wants a Piece of your Spare Time: How to Choose Where to Spend It

Working as a lawyer takes a lot of time and dedication.  Yet, so many of us, despite our heavy workload, understand the importance of becoming involved in our community, charitable organizations, professional organizations, etc.  This involvement provides many benefits such as social connections, networking opportunities, and professional development.  Nonetheless, there are only so many hours…Read More

Mobile Consumer

Marketing to the Mobile Consumer

Google threw the online world into a panic in 2015 when it announced that mobile-friendliness would be a major ranking signal. Since then, the need for strong mobile marketing techniques has grown across industries, including the legal business. Making your website easy to use on a smartphone or tablet isn’t just about providing a good…Read More

Social Media Rules for Lawyers

Social Media Rules for Lawyers

As the practice of law continues to evolve to incorporate advances in technology, ABA rules must respond to help lawyers understand their rights and obligations. Attorneys and law firms are now facing ethical and legal challenges involving privacy concerns and the oversharing of information on social media websites. This has prompted the ABA to update…Read More