Year: 2018

Video: 8 Ways to Create Compelling Content [Lawyernomics 2018]

For a company operating in today’s landscape, content is king. But when every business is writing blogs, and producing podcasts, and adding to the 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, lawyers need a compelling content strategy to realize a return on the investment. Nicole Abboud, a former lawyer turned influential podcaster who…Read More

Video: Designing your Law Firm to Work for You [Lawyernomics 2018]

As a criminal defense lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia, Erin Gerstenzang knows that lawyers don’t always have control over the facts of the case, or even the results. But what every lawyer can control is the experience every client has with their firm. By shifting the focus to the client experience and embracing technology to streamline…Read More

Video: Voice Search + Digital Knowledge Management [Lawyernomics 2018]

The way Duane Forrester sees it, digital voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home are just the beginning. The voice recognition technology and UI will continue to improve—and to infiltrate every area of our lives, including how we search for businesses large and small online. Unlike paid search, though, there’s currently no paid shortcut…Read More

Video: Tech, Data and your Law Practice [Lawyernomics 2018]

In recent years, data has infiltrated everything we do. To adapt to current consumer trends, lawyers must improve their firm’s internal processes. Jack Newton, Clio CEO and Co-Founder, and Patrick Palace, owner of Palace Law, are here to usher lawyers into the age of data-driven law and to help answer questions around how lawyers can…Read More